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The EBT Leadership Team

Laurel Mellin PhD
UCSF Professor of Family & Community Medicine
EBT Founder
Igor Mitrovic, MD
UCSF Professor of Physiology
EBT Scientific Director
Arinn Testa, PsyD
EBT Clinical Research Director
Lynda Frassetto, MD
VA Medical Center
San Francisco
Judy Zehr, LPC, MRHM
Clinical Trainer in EBT
EBT Attachment Faculty
Deirdre Taylor, MA
EBT Board Chair
Leadership Faculty
Lindsey Fish, MD
EBT Clinical Scholar
Neuroplasticity Faculty

What do Experts Think of EBT?

Laurel Mellin's method for rewiring the emotional brain is revolutionary and a practical approach for decreasing stress and enhancing health and happiness and rediscovering joy! Highly recommended.
John Foreyt, Ph.D.,
Director Behavioral Medicine Research
Center Baylor College of Medicine
Laurel Mellin applies the principles of brain plasticity science to help you grow and nourish your positive energies.
Consider it a gift, from science, to you.
Michael Merzenich, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience
University of California, San Francisco
Chronic stress and anxiety are enormous problems for many people in our fast-paced and rapidly changing society. EBT offers a novel and compelling approach to gaining control over one's life and thereby containing the physiological and psychological toll of chronic stress.
Bruce S. McEwen, PhD
Author, The End of Stress As We Know It
Alfred E. Mirsky Professor, The Rockefeller University

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