EBT Coach Certification

Emotional Brain Training (EBT) is a unique, evidence-based skills training program that empowers people to rapidly reduce stress and address the root cause of stress-related problems.

State-of-the-Science Coaching – EBT is not health care, but a high touch, high tech, science-based stress skills training program that empowers individuals to respond effectively to stress and create more joy in their lives. The overall goal of EBT is to improve the brain’s emotional set point to promote lasting improvements in health, happiness, relationships, and productivity.

Certification as an EBT Coach – As we expand the availability of our program, we need exceptional, compassionate, mission-driven individuals who are interested in developing a practice as a Certified EBT Coach. The role of an EBT Coach is to facilitate one-hour telephonic groups and one-on-one sessions with participants who are completing the EBT Program. The program includes a basic course in brain-based stress reduction tools and seven advanced courses that are designed to improve the brain’s set point, alleviate stress-related problems and increase access to the elevated emotions of love, compassion, gratitude, hope, forgiveness, awe and joy.

A Proven Method – The method has been developed over the last 30 years and is completely science-based; the participant tools and clinical techniques are evidence-based. The tools are designed to impact both the brain’s stress and reward centers, with the goal of decreasing reliance on artificial rewards (e.g., refined foods, alcohol, technology) and increasing access to the pro-social rewards of a meaningful life (sanctuary, authenticity, vibrancy, integrity, intimacy, spirituality and freedom).

Experiential Learning – The brain’s stress and reward centers are located in the emotional brain, which is the social brain and changes only through experiential learning. The combination of experiential learning in small groups and the emotional connection between group members and coaches provides a powerful learning experience. EBT has developed technology that makes these experiences confidential, private and convenient, and adds automated services (messaging, private phone line, automate skills training, forum boards, apps and e-learning) to create an exceptional experience for participants.

Exceptional Individuals – Ideal candidates for certification as EBT Coaches include educators, life coaches, and other professionals who have a strong desire to help others. As the method is science-based, coaches have an appreciation for training individuals both in the tools and in the neuroscience rationale for using them, that is, why they work. Although coaches learn the neuroscience of the EBT method and master specific evidence-based professional skills, they also teach by modeling the method. Therefore, coaches learn how to use the EBT tools personally and use them to create more joy in their lives.

A New Neuroscience Skills Training Career – EBT is a distinct and unique professional practice and the method is delivered purely, without blending techniques with other training modalities. Our professional training is very practical and the techniques are highly reproducible, so that coaches can trust the science, trust the tools and trust themselves in using them. EBT Coaches enjoy and celebrate the EBT professional community, a group of individuals who are dedicated, enthusiastic and joyful about the opportunity to address the #1 epidemic of our times – stress – and help people change take charge of their stress, their rewards and their lives.


  • Telegroups & Telecoaching – Our validated programs include one-hour telegroups (6 members) and 25-minute telephone coaching sessions to members.
  • Part Time Commitment – Most coaches provide these services 10 to 20 hours per week and respond to participant messages for about 15 minutes daily Monday through Friday.


  • Flexible Schedule – You can set your own work schedule. The most popular times for telegroups are Monday to Thursday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time, but other session times are offered as well. Scheduled coaching is completely flexible.
  • Personal Resiliency – Participate weekly in an EBT telegroup to enhance your own emotional set point as part of modeling the method and improving the quality of your life.
  • Professional Excellence – Receive ongoing professional training one hour per week in a coaching telegroup to continue to evolve in your personal and professional practice of EBT.
  • Compensation – Coaches are independent contractors paid up to $60/hour for coaching and facilitating telegroups.


  • Highly Educated – A Masters degree or above in a health-related field, such as public health, education, counseling, psychology, nutrition, nursing, or medicine.
  • Enthusiastic, Dedicated Professionals – Have a strong desire to help others, have a high level of enthusiasm, a strong ability to communicate effectively and a dedication to supporting participants so that they have an optimal member experience.
  • Desire to Build a Remote Practice ¬– Highly motivated professionals who want to build their own EBT practice through the EBT portal. EBT does not offer on site training programs for participants, only remote services as they provide her levels of confidentiality, anonymity, engagement and access to comprehensive technology-assisted education and community.
  • Embrace State-of-the-art Technology – Willingness to learn and use the proprietary EBT technology platform for coaches that make administration and delivery of the groups easier and more effective.

Certification Process

Certification Summary: Start by joining a weekly preclinical certification telegroup and learn the tools of EBT with other coaches-in-training. In just two months, you will have strong skills in EBT and can decided whether or not a career as an EBT Coach is right for you (fee = $199/month for two months). If this career choice is right for you, continue by completing 24 hours of professional clinical training, weekly for two hours or four six-hour days (fee = $299/month*). Start delivering services and earning income in as few as four months and continue with advanced certification and personal training in EBT to become fully certified as an EBT Coach.

  • Step 1. Pre-clinical Certification Training – Our pre-clinical training has been designed to minimize your time commitment to master the competencies to successfully deliver both telegroups and coaching. In eight weeks, you will participated in personal skills training in EBT through a one hour per week telegroup with six other coaches-in-training and a Certified EBT Trainer. The objectives of this initial training experience are for you to learn the tools of EBT and to evaluate if EBT is a good fit for you. Time commitment: three hours/week for two months. Fee: $199/month
  • Step 2. EBT Basic Coach Certification – Continue with your certification training and learn the core clinical skills to deliver telegroups and coaching. The clinical certification training is based on experiential learning that is warm, supportive and highly effective. You will learn a series of clinical skills, and then practice each one in role-plays in a small group. The coach-in-training-to-trainer ratio is six to one, ensuring a very personal and positive training experience. The course involves 24 hours of instruction, either two hours per week for three months or six hours per day for four days (fee = $299/month*).
  • Step 3. Begin Offering EBT Telegroups and Coaching and Continue with EBT Advanced Certification (Teleconference one hour/week for six months) – Upon successful completion of this training, you will be a Certified EBT Coach, and eligible to begin providing EBT services on the EBT platform, receiving income and continuing to strengthen your skills and receive personal and professional support for your success. You will be part of a dynamic team of coaches, trainers and researchers who are dedicated to bringing emotional brain training skills to the public. Continue with your advanced training and your personal training toward completing full certification in EBT, going at your own pace, for a minimum of six months. Fee: $149/month (Fees for personal training not included.)
  • Step 4. Certified EBT Practice: Fully Certified – As a fully certified EBT Coach, continue expanding your practice and enjoying the benefits of a professional career in EBT.

For more information, please email coaches@ebt.org

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