EBT Professional Certification

Thank you for your interest in professional certification in Emotional Brain Training (EBT). The method is a new paradigm in health care, equipping individuals with the tools and support to change their emotional brain. This brain is the controller of 80% of health problems, including obesity, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Our goal is for EBT to be the most exceptional intervention available, producing better and more sustained health outcomes than traditional approaches and providing an innovative, neuroscience-based program that is ahead of its time.

Now is an ideal time to become credentialed in EBT as we are involved in two major initiatives that will increase demand for the intervention:

  • EBT’s Obesity Initiative – EBT is now preparing to launch an obesity initiative with the release of a new book in 2018 on using the method to treat overeating and obesity. The book will increase demand for the services of EBT professionals who are interested in impacting the epidemic of overweight and obesity.
  • EBT’s Emotional Health Initiative – EBT is planning the release of a second book in 2019, which will increase demand for the services of EBT professionals who are interested in applying neuroscience-based methods to impact the crisis in emotional and behavioral health.

If you have a private practice in one of these areas and want to expand your activities to include a private practice in EBT on our platform, we encourage you to learn more about certification as an EBT professional.

Professional Certification Summary

All enrolled professionals begin with six months of training and become Certified EBT Coaches. Some coaches continue to full certification in the method as a Certified EBT Provider. All services are delivered through the EBT platform. No on site services are provided.

Certified EBT Coaches

  • Services Offered – 30-Minute Weekly Groups – Facilitate EBT PLUS Telegroups (30 minutes/week) that include coaches warmly supporting participant accountability, helping them solve problems and set goals and leading a relaxing meditation in which participants check in, identify their stress levels and share their brain states.
  • Training Required – 6 Months of Distance Learning – Participate in personal EBT (EBT PREMIUM Telegroups - 60 minutes/week) to learn the personal skills and another hour each week to master clinical skills and neuroscience concepts. Use our e-learning to support your progress in these sessions. Total time commitment 4 to 6 hours/week.
  • Costs for Certification – $156/month for six months to complete professional training and $156/month for one year to complete personal training.
  • Hourly Rate Paid – Once certified, coaches are currently paid bi-weekly for telegroups of 6 participants $70/hour. All administrative, educational and support needs are covered by EBT. Fees are slightly lower if EBT provides marketing support to your private practice.
  • Enrollment Qualifications – Master’s prepared counselor or health professional with an active private practice, certification, licensure or registration from an accredited clinical organization and 1+ years of clinical experience.

Certified EBT Providers (Same as above except as follows):

  • Services Offered – 60-Minute Weekly Groups and Private Coaching – These groups include all activities of PLUS telegroup, and in-depth clinical training in the skills (e.g.,Cycle demonstrations).
  • Training Required – 12 Months of Distance Learning – This training is the same as coaching training, except it requires six more months of advanced clinical courses.
  • Costs for Certification – Fees are the same as those for coach certification, however, the professional certification telegroup fee of $156/month continues for an additional six months.
  • Hourly Rate Paid – – Current rates paid to certified providers for facilitating PREMIUM telegroups of 6 participants = $140/hour.
  • Enrollment Qualifications – Qualifications are the same as those for coach certification however, more extensive clinical experience (3+ years) is required, and a professional licensure or registration or a doctoral degree is required.

How to Enroll in EBT Professional Training

1. Subscribe to an EBT Premium Membership – Choose the EBT premium membership that includes a one-hour weekly personal telegroup. Participate actively in the telegroup to evaluate your interest in the method and in a career in EBT. Tell your EBT provider that you are considering certification in EBT and they will answer your initial questions and mentor you, as needed. Get started today. Enroll at: https://www.ebtconnect.net/groups?group_type=premium.

2. Schedule a Certification Orientation – Schedule a 30-minute your orientation with Laurel Mellin, PhD to discuss the specifics of certification, and to receive more information about the certification process. Determine if EBT is a good fit for you. Schedule your private orientation at: https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/LMEVMM.

3. Continue with Your Premium Membership and Start Certification Training – In as little as 6 months, you will become a Certified EBT Coach, having completed both the personal training (all 7 advanced courses) and the professional training. Fees for both professional and personal training are $39/week each. After you have attained certification as an EBT Coach, inquire about continuing your certification training for another six months to attain full certification as an EBT Provider.

More About EBT

State-of-the-Science Coaching – EBT is a new paradigm in health care, equipping participants with the tools and support to address the root cause of problems for meaningful and sustainable outcomes.

Experiential Learning – EBT has developed technology that makes these experiences confidential, private and convenient, and adds automated services (messaging, private phone line, automate skills training, forum boards, apps and e-learning) to create an exceptional experience for participants.

A New Neuroscience Skills Training Career – EBT is a unique professional practice based on neuroscience. Our professional training is very practical and the techniques are highly reproducible, so that you can trust the science, trust the tools and trust yourself to use them in ways that transform your participants’ lives.


  • Telegroups & Telecoaching – Our validated programs include 30-minute (PLUS telegroups) and 60-minute (PREMIUM telegroups) and 25-minute telephone coaching sessions. Your private practice page includes your photograph, background and group and coaching offerings. Send your current and new clients to your webpage to build your practice.
  • All Remote Services – All EBT is delivered through our IT portal. No EBT is delivered on site. This IT portal enables you to offer comprehensive courses, services, apps and videos without any extra work on your part. EBT is delivered to your participants through the EBT portal only. No EBT can be used in your on site practice.
  • No Blending – Training the emotional brain effectively requires using this paradigm exclusively. Blending EBT with other treatments, such as psychotherapy or nutritional counseling can lead to cognitive overload and decreases its effectiveness. When you are delivering EBT, it is essential that you keep it pure.
  • Part Time Commitment – Most EBT professionals provide our telegroup and coaching services for 10 to 20 hours per week. The flexible format enables them to live full and healthy lives and pursue other personal and professional interests.


  • Flexible Schedule – You can set your own work schedule. The most popular times for telegroups are Monday to Thursday 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time, but other session times are popular as well, including weekends and week-day mornings.
  • Personal Resiliency – All EBT professionals are creating joy in their lives, modeling the method and continuing on their own journey, with ongoing participation in an EBT telegroup as a personal practice for optimal wellbeing.
  • Professional Excellence – All EBT professionals are invested in continuous improvement of their clinical skills and updating their knowledge of the science and practice of EBT.
  • Compensation – EBT Professionals are independent contractors paid based on the number of participants they train each week and number of hours they deliver service. No extra fees are provided for time spent messaging participants. All administration and billing is handled by EBT, Inc. The current hourly rate paid to EBT professionals for a six-person telegroup is $70/hour of service for Certified EBT Coaches and $140/hour or more for Certified EBT Providers.


  • Highly Educated – A Masters degree or above in a health-related field, such as counseling, psychology, nutrition, public health, education, nursing, or medicine.
  • Enthusiastic, Dedicated Professionals – Have a strong desire to help others, have a high level of enthusiasm, a strong ability to communicate effectively and a dedication to supporting participants so that they have an optimal member experience.
  • Desire to Build a Remote Practice – Highly motivated professionals who want to build their own EBT practice through the EBT portal and enjoy the convenience of working from anywhere.
  • Embrace State-of-the-art Technology – Embraces technology. Values doing what they do well – clinical care – with automated billing and administration, easy access to data about your participants, as well as messaging and one-touch telephone access.

Certification Process

WEEKS 1 TO 12 – Provisional Certification as an EBT Coach – Complete twelve weekly one-hour professional clinical training sessions via telegroup ($39/week). Learn the basics of how to deliver EBT telegroups effectively. Total time commitment per week = 4 hours. When you are ready, take a 40-item multiple-choice test and become a Provisionally-Certified EBT Coach.

WEEKS 13 TO 24 – Provisional Certification Internship Practicum – Start your practice of 30-minute PLUS telegroups with family and friends. Work with our team to establish a web page that is dedicated to your practice. Upload a photo of yourself and input information about yourself to personalize your page. Recruit family and friends to your first two groups. You will not be paid for delivering your provisional telegroups. During this time, continue with your professional certification group ($39/week) and your personal EBT group ($39/week) until you have completed all seven advanced personal courses. If the retention and participation of participants in your “family and friends” group meets basic standards of care, you will be fully certified as an EBT Coach in just six months.


WEEKS 25 to 48 – Fully Certified EBT Provider – Expand your EBT Practice as a Certified EBT Coach. Continue recruiting individuals to your practice with a link to your personal practice page. You will participate in a professional patient management seminar that will equip you to complete advanced clinical courses (video and e-learning) so you master the clinical skills and neuroscience needed to be a Certified EBT Provider. During this time, continue with your professional certification group ($39/week) and with your personal EBT group and professional group ($39/week each) until you have completed all seven advanced personal courses and you are a fully certified EBT Provider. Expand your practice and receive full fees for your groups and coaching services.

ONGOING ENGAGEMENT – Certified EBT Professional – Expand your EBT Practice as a Certified EBT Professional. Continue recruiting individuals to your practice with a link to your personal practice page. They will pay the standard rates for your services. You will participate in a professional patient management seminar and in a weekly personal group to deepen your personal and professional skills. These resources are FREE for those who maintain a practice of at least 24 participants (four 30-minute groups of 6 people) or 12 participants (two 60-minute groups for 6 people). For those with a smaller practice, fees apply ($39/week). Continue recruiting participants from your community, from referrals from your satisfied participants or from other health professionals.

For more information, please email coaches@ebt.org

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