Certification in Emotional Brain Training (EBT)

What is Emotional Brain Training?

Emotional Brain Training is a new paradigm in health care that equips participants with the emotional tools for self-directed neuroplasticity, to rewire the stress circuits that are the root cause of 80% of health problems, with the goal of raising their emotional set point, decreasing the excessive use of medications, procedures and devices and living an exceptional life.

Why is EBT so important now?

The root cause of most problems is a set point in stress and we believe the solution to health and world problems is to support more people in raising their set point so they can contribute to making the world a more loving and better place.

What is certification?

After successful completion of EBT training, you can become a Certified EBT Coach to deliver basic training in EBT or a Certified EBT Provider to deliver basic and advanced training in EBT. You train participants weekly through proven courses to rewire their brain’s emotional set point through small group and individual remote services. No EBT services are provided on site, as the technology and convenience of telegroups have been shown to provide the most effective support.

What if I have questions?

Watch the our video and email any questions to Laurel@ebt.org or Michael@ebt.org. If you would like to discuss your interest in EBT more extensively, we welcome you to schedule a complimentary telephone session with EBT Founder, Laurel Mellin, PhD.

What are the qualifications for a Certified EBT Provider?

Candidates must have a minimum of a Master’s degree and a clinically-based certification, registration or licensure. Psychotherapists, coaches, nurses, physicians, nutritionists become certified in EBT. In addition, candidates should share our mission to change the world by supporting people in raising their emotional set point. They welcome completing the training personally – so they can teach from their own experiences. Our providers are mission-driven, excited about producing exceptional outcomes and loving, joyful people.

How long will it take to be certified?

Certification as an EBT Provider requires one year, however, an interim designation as an EBT Coach requires only six months. We encourage providers-in-training to learn by doing and starting their initial practice soon after entering clinical training.

What is the time commitment weekly?

It is two hours for scheduled one hour sessions at your convenience (one clinical and one experiential) and about 4 hours of preparation with videos and reading. All work is engrossing, practical and fun, and the small groups (only 6 providers-in-training) support strong relationships and an exceptional experience.

What is the certification process?

Experiential Training: Prior to enrollment, participate in at least two months of personal training. Once enrolled, continue that personal training for one year to learn the course content and observe highly experienced EBT Trainers conducting groups that include challenging situations. You cannot teach skills you do not use in your own life, and in the process, you will raise your brain’s emotional set point.

Clinical Training: Enroll in a certification telegroup for one year. You will start delivering services as soon as 12 weeks after starting, delivering 30-minute (“PLUS”) groups to family and friends. You will receive an interim designation as a Certified EBT Coach after delivering this group, and continue to build your practice, offering additional EBT services. Continue with your clinical training and delivering (“PREMIUM”) telegroups and coaching, becoming a Certified EBT Provider in one year.

What about post-certification support?

Once you are certified, continue with an EBT professional telegroup for participant management and personal skills training. Develop your practice at the rate that is right for you. Most Certified EBT Providers deliver services 10 to 20 hours/week.

ou’ll develop a circle of professional support that will be rewarding and helpful. Our goal is for all EBT professionals to continue to raise their set point and to be on the cutting edge of neuroscience-based health care.

What’s the cost of certification?

All certification training is pre-paid monthly at the rate of $39/week for each course (experiential and clinical).

  • Total cost to become a Certified EBT Coach is: $1872.
  • Total cost to become a Certified EBT Provider is: $3744.

Providers-in-training who want a slower track to certification, the training costs increase based on length of training. Providers-in-training who want a faster track (e.g., have already completed personal training or have extensive skills related to EBT) can request an expedited certification.

What is the pay rate for Certified EBT Providers?

Providers are paid bi-weekly based on number of participant hours of service, with a group of 7 participants paid at the rate of $110/hour. All administration, technology support, program materials, promotional materials and general promotion of EBT is covered by EBT, Inc. During the one year of certification training, no fees are paid to providers-in-training. This offsets our expenses in providing them with exceptional support, keeping tuition for the program very low.

Can I deliver EBT in my on-site practice?

In 2015, we no longer supported providers in delivering on site EBT, as our research has shown retention, engagement, satisfaction and health outcomes are better when a comprehensive cohesive program is delivered, one that is supported by technology. EBT Providers are devoted to achieving exceptional outcomes, retention and services, so all services are delivered through the EBT Portal.

How do I promote my practice?

You will have a private practice EBT web-page that your clients and patients can access to enroll in your groups and coaching. They do not see the services of other providers on your page. EBT supports you with marketing materials, workshops and presentations to give to other health professionals as well as to the public.

Is continuing education credit available?

In the past, EBT certification has been sponsored for psychologists, mental health professionals and nutritionists. Effective 2017, to clarify that all certified EBT professionals are practicing outside their licensure or certification and often across state lines, we no longer offer continuing education credit except for nutritionists. An administration fee of $100 is charged for continuing education credit.

If you have questions:

Email Laurel@ebt.org or Michael@ebt.org and/or schedule a one-on-one meeting with EBT Founder Laurel Mellin, PhD

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